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Men Can't Stop Obsessing Over Women Who Know This

Good Morning Quotes in Spanish

Have you fallen in love with the Spanish language? Maybe you’re dating someone who speaks Spanish or is bilingual. Wouldn’t it be nice to speak to him in Spanish as well as English? Maybe you simply want to become bilingual so you can meet more people and have good conversations. Either way, it’s a worthy…

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5 Ways to Make Him Want You and Only You

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry and Laugh

What a joy it is to have a best friend that likes you, understands you, and enjoys spending time with you.  Your friend has your back, so to speak. I’m sure we can all relate to the idea of having disloyal friends, or casual friends, or just friends that drift away without a word.  But…

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UNCENSORED: How does a guy know when he's in love

30 Funny Good Morning Texts for Him

Whether you’ve just met a guy you like, or are already in a serious relationship, sometimes the “morning after” texts are the most awkward. What if you slept together? Or, what if you just went out on one date and you’re not quite sure how you feel about each other? What if you haven’t gone…

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Make Him Dizzy With Devotion For You

Dating Profile Headlines for Females

One of the best way to find a date, or a lover, or even a husband, is take your search off local hangouts (the bar scene, clubbing, friends of friends) and instead log into a trusted online dating site. I know, this sounds like new dating app – one of those silly niche apps called…

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50 Cute Contact Names for Your Boyfriend

Let me guess. Your boyfriend is the sweetest guy in the world, right? So doesn’t it seem kind of wrong to assign him a general contact name in your phone? You know, something like “(NAME)”, or “Boyfriend” or even “Honey”? Maybe it’s time to have a little fun and come up with something cute and…

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Dares for Guys

What is it with guys and the game Truth or Dare? They love it! While you might think it’s something girls do at slumber parties (and sure, it is!) it’s also something that couples enjoy doing and that guys love to do on a date. Why? Maybe because no one likes to admit the truth…and…

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55 Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Everyone knows by now that bonding with your boyfriend is the most exciting part of a new relationship. Asking him questions about who he is, where he’s been, and what he plans on doing for the rest of his life, makes for a fascinating conversation. And yes the easiest questions tend to be the most…

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Should You Get Back Together With Your Ex? Here’s How to Know…

10 Good Night Messages for Friends

Sometimes figuring out what to say before the phrase, “Good Night”, is the hard part. Good night is easy…and it’s actually a great expression, since it conveys wonderful feelings of care, protection, well wishes and genuine human concern. Unfortunately everyone uses this old expression and it’s lost a lot of its emotional impact. People on…

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How to Get the Guy You Want In 4 Steps

9 Love Paragraphs for Him

If you feel awkward about writing love letters and romantic paragraphs to your partner, you are not alone. You could even say a lot of men tend to be more expressive about romance and love than do women. Men “chase” after all. Women feel more, but sometimes they keep it inside because they don’t want…

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The 1st Step to Getting Him to Come Back to You

Intense Chemistry Between Two People

Have you ever met someone, someone who is seemingly opposite of you at first, and then just connected in an amazing, almost-mind blowing way? At first, the conversation is respectable. But as things progress, you notice he loves your sense of humor, your voice, the way you put words together, how mysterious you are… And…

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